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The Original Kim Ang Purse by Baskets of Cambodia!

Reviewer: Alisa

I bought the small Kim Ang purse to fit in my briefcase when i travel. I have received many complimants from women and they all want to know where to get one! It ios the best summer travel purse because it has a flat bottom and fits everything you

Reviewer: Felicia

I bought the small size of this purse while on vacation in Puerto Rico and I am very pleased. I love the size and shape. It is a very comfortable and lightweight purse. The only hard decision was which color to choose.

Reviewer: Lori (Illinois)

I bought a Kim Ang Purse and have so many people tell me that it is so nice looking. I love it

Reviewer: Kia

  I bought this at a festival in NJ. It's very stylish and holds just the right amount of items. 


if i could rate this bag a 10 i would.i bought the kim ang small bag its great. every place i go i have ladys and men ask me about the bag.i just say baskets of wait till i buy another one. galt

Reviewer: Cindy

I bought the Kim Ang purse in Scottsdale

Reviewer: Anne

Came across Saraye purse line while in FL, and had to take one home. Bought the Kim Ang in the black striated, which is a classic look.



Reviewer: Jeanne (Virginia)

I bought the larger size Kim Ang purse this past summer and get a comment on it nearly every day. It has held up extremely well and is just the right size for me. I also appreciate how light weight it is.


Tall Curved Avi

Reviewer: Hazel (California)

I found this lovely product while walking around in a lovely college town. I purchased one purse and read the story of the purses and I fell in love with the purses. I have treated myself to several now, and I am completely in love with each personality of each one. I was walking around in a wonderful store one afternoon and this person just was standing there and looking at my purse hugging my body, and she had to ask where in the world did I get such a beautiful purse. I shared with her the story and gave her the on line address. I just love each one of mine. I am giving(nice ones) my others to friends who need and enjoy wonderful looking purses. I will just purchase these from now on. I love mine!!!!!!! Enjoying my shopping each time!!!!

Collapsible Sophon Shoulder Bag

Reviewer: Deborah (Maryland)

  I just received your large Sophon bag in red for my birthday & I absolutely love it! It feels so great on my shoulder and hip and it�s so easy to access. I'll be buying these for friends! Thank you. 

Reviewer: Deborah Gordon-Brown

My Sophon Shoulder bag in green is one of my favorite things. It fits

Reviewer: Kathy

Bought the med. size 4 a knitting bag

Reviewer: Barbara T.

I bought the medium Sophon Shoulder Bag at an arts and crafts show. I love that it is lightweight and easily holds all my possessions. I have had many compliments on it. Just would like more interior pockets.

Reviewer: Lucy C.

I found my lovely Sophon Shoulder bag in Key West last year...and this year took it to Paris. I walked all through the Louvre, all over Paris-no one got into my bag because it fit snugly on my hip, strapped over my shoulder. It was so light and comfortable and I kept my hand over the top on the subway-LOVE THIS PURSE! Love the pockets inside to organize my phone, lipstick, etc. THANKS!! Still looks brand new.

Reviewer: Cheryl

I purchased mine at an art fair and I get compliments from people all the time!

Reviewer: marilyn

Love this bag! Comfortable

Reviewer: Tena

I purchased this bag in natural over 4 years ago. I have used it everyday and have received many compliments on it. This purse has held up so well over time and is just now starting to show wear. I love this co.& its products keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Patti

Fabulous bag! I just purchased my 2nd one. I carry everything everywhere

Reviewer: Heather

I bought one purse a year ago. It held up well. I loved it so much I just bought 3 different styles this year. :)

Reviewer: Jennifer

Saw your bag and fell in love with it immediately. They are all works of art. I bought for myself and my daughter that day. Gets lots of compliments whever ever I go.

Reviewer: Jennifer

I received the black-striated version of this bag about a year ago as a green birthday gift from a dear friend. I carry a ton of stuff in it and it has held up very well. I�ll be buying one this year for myself on my birthday!

Reviewer: Christine V.

I just bought the large version of this bag but instead of the long strap it has backpack straps and a loop at the top at a local gift shop and LOVE it! with a toddler

Reviewer: Chris Wecker

I�m not a purse person. I can never find anything in them. This shoulder bag is so easy to organize

Reviewer: Hallie

I�m so glad to find you online. I bought my bag in a store 4+ years ago and it�s my favorite! I get tons of compliments so now I can tell people where to get their own.

Reviewer: Angela

I love your purses! Thank you!

Reviewer: GALE


 Original Curved Dabby

Reviewer: Rosa Cahill

Hello I just got one of your curved large tote bags for a b-day gift from the Oregon Coast. I love and and I am continuosly getting complements on it. The curve makes it very comfortable. Keep up the good work on the designs!

Reviewer: Rosa Cahill

Hello I just got one of your curved large tote bags for a b-day gift from the Oregon Coast. I love it and I am continuosly getting complements on it. People want t oknow where I got it. The curve makes it very comfortable. Keep up the good work

Reviewer: Gayle

This purse is top-notch. I just bought it in Key West. It�s beautiful ... the curve on the back side molds to my waist and the pattern is elegant & understated. I can wear this purse to work

Reviewer: Jacquie

Bought this last year in Michigan and get compliments EVERY time I take it out! It is gorgeous and I love the texture!

Reviewer: Irene

I purchased mine in Cape May

Reviewer: Claudia

Love my purse!!! It is the most comfortable purse I have ever owned

Reviewer: Courtney

It's a gorgeous purse 

Reviewer: Pat Berens

Received the beautiful bag from my daughter Susan on Mother�s Day and love it. Have ordered two new bags and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. The beauty and quality is excellent.

Reviewer: Christine

I have happily used my backpack for several years through 3 or 4 long California summers. I have had more compliments on this bag than any other article of clothing I have owned! Wears surprisingly well.


Reviewer: TD

I ordered the new medium Chanraha tote as my 4th seagrass accessory. I LOVE IT. Some of my favorite features are: The strong, braided


Reviewer: Tiwanda

This bag is very versatile

Reviewer: Rebecca Kennedy

I received this purse as a gift from my wonderful sister-in-law! It holds a great deal and still looks trim and isn�t too heavy. A very reasonable bag!

Reviewer: Kia

This bag is great!! I use it as a work bag

 Petite Curved Avi

Reviewer: Erica Watters

My boyfriend bought me the natural w/ black trim for my birthday

Reviewer: Christine Harvey

I purchased the Petite Curved Avi purse at a boutique sale primarily for the design of the purse. I have now owned and used the purse for over 5 months and can truly speak to the durability of this purse. I have had more than a dozen inquiries abou

Reviewer: ashlyn

My mom and i walked into this store in old town san diago and i love the purse i purchased they are awsome and i have gotten so many comments on how great it is worth the money!!!!!!!!!

 Kiri Wave

Reviewer: Connie

I just discovered these purses today (at Bellevue, WA. Strawberry Festival) and I LOVE them! I was riveted at the booth--I wanted them all! :) But I settled on a Kiri Wave in crimson. It is so beautiful. I suspect I'll be buying more.

Reviewer: TD

This was my 3rd seagrass purse. I LOVE IT. People compliment me often on this purse. Some of my favorite features are: the middle pocket suspended with a thick spandex material. Great quality, and a very handy pocket. I liked the four other pockets, especially the pocket with a flap and magnet closure, my wallet fits nicely in that. I like how the purse curves up on one side, and the zipper opens all the way down on the other. This makes it easy to access stuff in my purse. I was recently caught in a downpour in Seattle (really :) My nice London Fog raincoat was soaked and my skin was wet underneath the coat, but I noticed that the rain rolled off the seagrass on this purse, and the piping didn't get wet either. Everything inside my purse was dry. So, this cute purse is the perfect size, has great organization pockets, the black burleywood pattern is beautiful, it's lightweight, AND water resistant (more than my rain coat). Thank you !

Clamshell Medium Size

Reviewer: Shawna

I received this purse as a gift - and I love it dearly! All of the things I need to bring with me fits nicely inside, and the unique shape makes it easy to find everything. Plus the flat bottom makes it easy to put down. I get lots of compliments on this purse!

Hoover Large Size

Reviewer: TD

This was the 1st seagrass purse I purchase. I liked the pink striated color. Some of my favorite features are: the middle pocket suspended with a thick spandex material. Great quality, and a very handy pocket. I liked the four other pockets, and the bottom of this purse is roomy. I could fit slim 8x5 calendar in this purse, but not a 9x6 organizer :( I like how the purse curves on each side, but I almost wish that the zipper didn't zip all the way down one side and the other. The straps are not detachable, but an attractive braid, like the Kiri Wave. I was recently caught in a downpour in Seattle (really :) This cute purse is a good size for something smaller than a tote, it has great organization pockets, it's lightweight, AND water resistant (more than my rain coat). Thank you !

Hoover Medium Size

Reviewer: SRR

Received this purse a a gift from my Honey. Its perfect for a formal event or just a night out on the town.



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