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Bun Narein

She is 22, lives in Russey Koe Village. She was a seamstress in a big shop near Airport. In the shop she was hired and received a $1 for each cloth sewn. Each cloth took 1-2 days to make. It was irregular income. This income was not enough to support her expenses. Then her friends introduced to sew the purses made from silk with them. These purses were sold at the market. A sewn silk purse paid 0.5$. Three to four silk purses were made per day.

Because of her experiences, Narein applied this job for our company. She did not get training from our company. She earned 80$ in her first month. Presently, she is one of our best maker and gets 150-200$ per month up to our orders.

She said that this firm provides her a lot of benefit and more experiences. However sometime when she does not get order from our company, she can makes purses to sell at the market.