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History of BOC

Baskets of Cambodia was started in 1996 as the first post-war container shipper of handicraft production in Cambodia.  At this time all our production was home based! In 1997, there was a coup and change of power in government.  Throughout this time, Baskets of Cambodia not only operated but also expanded to it's current level, employing at times up over 500 artisans in training throughout Cambodia.

Currently Baskets of Cambodia supplies some of the world’s finest baskets and purses in any price range. We design, manufacture, and distribute to North America , Europe, Australia.

Our goal has never been to put downward pressure on the prices we pay. Instead we have focused on quality and the self esteem this generates in within our makers. This is perhaps the primary reason our baskets and purses are as extraordinary as they are.  Our entire business model is progressive. We provide a healthcare safety net program, holiday dividends, and schooling options in varying degrees depending on the level of participation of our makers in Cambodia.  In 2000, we bagan to deisng purses and accessories from natural hand woven reeds.  Both our basketry and our purses are now known for their beauty and quality and appreciated worldwide.  The quality of our products has helped to boost the satisfaction and growing esteem for our talented makers.