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Chan Cheun

Chan Cheun is 46 years old, female, lives in Russei Keo Village. She worked in a weaving factory for 10 years. She stopped for a while for treatment from this job because of having problem with her eyes. Working with this factory her salary was only $25 per month (government factory) to supply her family with 3 children and a disabled husband.

After treatment, her eyes got better so she decided to apply the job in our company. We trained her 2 months with purse sewing to be a good maker. During training she could earn 40$ per month. Presently, she becomes one of our best makers. Because of the eyes problem, it makes her sew slowly with attention, so she can earn only $70-80 per month. This income makes her standard of living better.

She likes this job very much.  She is very happy and wants to work with our company until she is unable to work for us. She added that she would like to thank the company that allowed her to borrow funds for her sewing machine, which helps her a lot. She will pay for her sewing machine over time and it will belong to her.