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Kim Ang

Kim Ang is 46 years old, female, lives in Russei Keo Village (near our office). She is a best maker. Before working in our company, she has made purses, sold to market for 10 years ago. Before she can earn money from her labor about 2.5$ per day. After that she stopped selling the purses to market because she has met one organization named (Khemara).

They selected her to make purses for them, so she can get much more money than she sell the purses to the market. She can earn 5$ per day but they have no work for her to do forever, it is irregular work, she found it so difficult. She stopped making purses for this organization and started making purses to sell to market again. But 1 month later she met us and applied this job for our company which is close to her house. She now earns 15-20$ per day ($300-$600 per month) according the purse price and how many orders come in. She never want to stopped work for our company because the purse price that we set for her is higher than other business and her work is independent, no enforcement.