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Kim Kanhara

is 22 years old, and now she lives at the Kandal village Chba Ampov Sang Kat Meanchey Kandal Province (40 miles from Phnom Penh). She finished high school in 2002. She has been training in ILO (International Labor Organization), which finds the job for disabled people.

She worked for this organization a whole year without payment. She terminated this work in September 2003 because her sister told her about Baskets of Cambodia!. She was trained in Basket of (Cambodia) earning $1 per day for training. When she became better, she began to make 30$ to 60$ per month depending on how much work she got.  She said that this is a job she is interested in.

She wants to do it. It is very happy because no enforcement (no boss) she does as well as she can. The more work she does. the more money she gets. She is working hard to become a best maker and wants to work hard until she gets what she wants.