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Miss Meas Srey My

Meas Srey My is 25 years old female she comes from Svay Rieng (120 niles from Phnom Penh) Province. Before she worked with our company she worked in a factory but she is not a regular employee. The factory gave her work only when busy. After two or three weeks they would stop. Money from her labor at the factory is 6000 riel per day ($1.50) for ten hours. Before she always worry about the end of month because she has no work to do she has no money to pay for the rent the house and expenses.

When she working with our company she stopped thinking about all these thing because now she has enough money to spent for all everything and she can earn some more to help her family. She said she is happy to work with this company because at least she can get 60$-70 per month and it can help her with her problems and when she works here she is so independent. Nobody forced her and the company supply all material for her she only spent her labor. This is the true idea of the makers.