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Morm Sovannarith

With his 22 years old, Sovannarith lives with his mother in a rental house near our company office. He stopped studying in high school in 12th grade because his parents divorced in 2001, so he had no one to support his study and other expenses. Then he decided to ask for a job as a car repairer in a garage to help his mother and 3 younger brother sisters. With this job he could earn $0.75 (cents) per day (training and work). Unfortunately, when he finished this training course, he could not run his own business. 

He could not find the job that related with his skill. So he was jobless. After getting the company information, he asked our company to get training sewing purses as a test. Then he got a good result in 2 months of our training. The company allowed him to make purse. He now earns money from 40$-50$ part-time per month because he make slowly.

 He said that however this is a small income for him, it is a part of help that can help him to support his family (his mother and sister sew cloth at home).