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Orn Sinann

This 18 years old girl was born in PursatProvince. Currently, she lives in RusseiKeoVillage. She stopped studying in 2001 in 8th grade because her family had not enough money to support her study. To help her parent to support this poor family, she decided to find a job washing clothes at home but this is a little bit income.

After 3 months she found a job in garment factory as part-time worker because she was too young for a full-time position. During this job she could earn 30$ for 2 months. This work was very difficult, so she terminated because it could not help her.

In September 2003 her neighbor told her about company, where she could train as purse maker. Because of no experience, she took 3 months in the training to make purse. In training, her sample purses sold at the market for her own benefit. Then she made good purse for us and started earning from 30 to 40$ per month.

She said that she is very happy with this work and thank very much for this company. Even with this small starting amount she still wants to work with us and thinks she will become a best maker soon.

Anyway, it is a first step for her and she enjoys the freedom of our work. Orn Sinann is now in our elite group of "A" makers and has worked steadily for BOC now for over 7 years. In a typical month she earns close to $200, much of which she sends home to her family in Pursat Province.