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Phauk Sovannaroth

Pouk Naroth is 18 years old. She lives in Russei Keo Village. Before she worked in the factory for two months. She was stopped her work because she can’t work over time for the factory. After she stopped working for awhile she decided to go to learn sewing skill at the one Organization name (Kemara) this organization is for helping the poor people teach them some skills.

When she finished her studying she still has no work to do for awhile. Three month later she comes to ask the work from our company and started to work until now. She is not the best maker (yet) but she can earn money 70 $ -90$ per month - much more than factory. When she worked in the factory she get salary only 30 $ per month. This was for working every day including 2-3 times per week from 7 AM until 8 PM. value including she work over time two or three times per week until 8 o’clock PM. So now she said that does not want to work in the factory more, because now when she work with us she has freedom with her work.