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Rous Sothy

Mr Ty is 24 years old, he come from Svay Rien Province. Before he is working construction. He works hard every day but he can earn the money only 5000 riel ($1.25) pay to work full 8 hours. Now he stopped working building because he had an accident when he was painting, he fell and broke his leg so he can’t continue his work with the old place. He had to stop working while his leg healed.

He started to look for a job again, but no place would accept him to work because they think that he can’t work hard for their company. Fortunately he knows some one who worked for Baskets of Cambodia! making the purses from the mat to sale for market. He decided to work with this company. The first month that he work in the new place he can earn at least 70 $-100$ per month. It is more than when he was work at the construction company, and now he is getting better - he can earn much more than before when he started to work.