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Sim Roathvireak

Vireak is 23 years old, male, lives in Russei Keo Village. He is one of our top makers and he makes many new styles before everyone else and also teaches. He has 8 years experience. He made purses, sold at market since he was 15 years old. He not only make purse but he also can make tatami mat too. Before he could earn only 3$ per day, so he decide to stopped making purse to sell at the market because this income could not support his family which has 13 people.

After that, Vireak worked for NCDP organization (this organization support poor and disabled people). In this organization, he could earn 40$ per week. At that time he met a American businessman who buys purses the same as our company but these orders became less. Meanwhile, he applied that job to Baskets of Cambodia!. In this firm he can earn more money than before. His minimum income is 10$ per day and the maximum is 15$ if he work at the nighttime and get help from his family members. He said that he likes this job and wants to work this company, because since he work for our company, he can feed his family easier that before.