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Srey Neth

is 17 years old, lives in Prek Tamerk district Kandal Province (40 miles form Phnom Penh). Currently, she stays in a rental house near our office.  She is a student in Russei Keo secondary school (our neighbourhood school). Because her house far from the school and her family is very poor, she has to find a job to support her study and for other expenses. So in November 2003 she asked our company for a job making purses. She was allowed and trained for three months. Depending on her efforts, she can make many good purses as we grow. She starts now earning from 30$ to 40$ per month, because she works part time after her study time.

Even this amount can help her a lot to support her entire expenses. She said that she would like to say thanks to company that give her opportunities and experiences for her life.