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Srey SoThea & Srey Chamnan

Srey Sothea is 24 years old and Srey Chamnan is 21 years old. They are brothers, living near Russian Market in Phnom Penh. They stopped studying in 2000 when they finished high school. They were hired to make clothes for wholeseller, $.05 cents per piece and earned 1$ per day. Sometime when they worked until night they got 2$ per day. All the incomes she earned just supports only house expenses but it was not enough for their study. So they terminated. After that, they got the information about our company from their relative, Mr. Bross who is our best maker. They were recommended to work in our company.

Because of experience with sewing, they spent only 1week with purse training. They now can make many good purses quickly. First month they could earn 80$ then the month later they can get over a hundred ($100) dollars. Currently, they are among our best makers for our company. Their maximum incomes around 200$ or more up to our commands. Baskets of Cambodia! is very happy with the quality of all their products.

They said that they are happy with this work; this work makes them get better benefits than before, and it is enough for their expenses and they can continue their study. Now they are studying in private English & JapaneseSchool and Computer. They would like to say thanks to the company.

These brothers now both work as staff of BOC. Chamnan is Production Manager for our purses, and Sothea, his brother is chief quality control inspector. Their current income is about double what they used to make as purse makers.